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November 18, 2005



I think your questioning, in it's somewhat agressive and un-sentimental way, is the thing that I liked when I read your old journal. You wonder about things in a very interesting and intelligent way...


yet, at the same time, science has come such a long way.


I found the same thing about pregnancy. I was convinced that I had listeria, that everything I ate was toxic, that I couldn't stand in front of the microwave, etc.

Same thing with parenting magazines. I can't stand those friggin' "It Happened To Me" articles.


I was working in a lab when I was pregnant and one of the things I had to do was run protein gels and stain them. To set the stain you have to microwave the gel for for one minute, change the buffer, microwave again, and repeat the process four times. That's a lot of microwaving. I was so scared that the microwave would hurt the baby that I would walk back and forth across the lab to wait out the time. My coworkers thought I had some kind of obsessive compulsive pacing thing going on.

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