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November 16, 2005



I'm a little bit more laid back about food than my husband is, but choking scares me too. My friend has a daughter two months younger than my 3-year-old and one day this summer she pulled out a bag of WHOLE GRAPES and I was freaking out because it's the perfect size to roll down the throat and sit there, cutting off air. We even have a bag of little chocolate pumpkins and I won't give them to her without cutting them in half first. It also took us a long time to start handing out unsliced bananas.

First happy meals are fun. They're all fun. I wouldn't do McDonalds every week or anything but as a treat, it's just great to watch. The only problem I have with happy meals is that we have a shitload of toys for her, but since her happy meal two weeks ago, she is most interested in the little Chicken Little racer duck that she got with her chicken nuggets, to the point of sleeping with it every night and taking it out whenever we leave the building. Why do we buy her good stuff if she's happy with the plastic toy in a happy meal?!

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