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November 26, 2005



I think spit is gross. I know my baby will have an abundance of it and I'm hoping my motherly instincts will help me conquer my aversion to it, but there is no way I'm keeping a slobbery spit-soaked toy around. Nope.

Isobel D

I had a blanket that I was attached too. My father absolutely hated that I wanted it with me everywhere. One time I came into the living room and I saw a piece of my blanket sticking out of the wood stove doors as if someone had thrown it in the fire, shut the doors and the corner had gotten caught. I totally freaked out and started screaming. Eventually I found my blanket minus the corner he had used to trick me with, neatly folded on top of the refrigerator and I could at least go to bed that night with part of my blanket. How they finally got rid of it was when we took a family vacation to Disneyland, they threw it away so when I got home it was "left at the hotel." Traumatizing!!

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