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November 30, 2005



You've lots more patience than I - in fact, I think having a child is incredibly brave. And not because of the state of the world, but because they're so fucking hard. I thought that the wine sounded like a pretty good idea, but good luck with patience...


Exhausting isn't even the word. I think you're right that he's testing everything around him, all the time, but, in my experience, it doesn't have much of anything to do with any intent to test Mom...unless she becomes an obstacle to the exploration rather than a facilitator. Then you're something he has to figure out how to work around rather than work with.
And now for some lame advice, of which you've already thought: First thing we did was baby-proof all the cabinets and then one cabinet we removed all of its normal contents and replaced his regular coffee with Folgers...wait, that's not it. We filled the cabinet back up with baby-safe stuff like big plastic bowls, wooden spoons, all sorts of interesting, baby-friendly *stuff*. Whenever the boys would start banging around trying to open the cabinets, one of us would go over and unlock it, "Oh my goodness, this cabinet is open, now, and what's all this?" Then you're facilitating and he's exploring for a good chunk of time in stuff you know is safe. We had cabinets like that in the bathrooms and the kitchen and the living room (under the entertainment system) and rotated *the stuff* every now and again so he never knew what was going to be behind Door #3.
Look at me! I'm the Queen of Lame Advice!

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