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June 02, 2006



thinking of you and your situation. been there (in a similar fashion), understand what you are going through!


It's really complicated, isn't it? I'm looking for work but we don't have a daycare (and the waiting list means we should get in right around the time they're ready for college). This means I am looking for evenings and weekends, though if I can nab something that is just evenings, it would be great so I can actually have two days where we can be a full family.

The problem is that these part time jobs pay like crap. If George worked overtime he'd probably make the same that I'll pull in or a little less. Unfortunately his work is really physical so the overtime might kill him. It just sucks that our society is built in such a way that we generally need the two incomes when the two incomes don't even make it all that worthwhile, you know?

Good luck. I'll send you good email-the-resume vibes if you'll do the same for me. I am sick of job hunting.

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