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June 29, 2006





If you're a romantic does it make it okay that I teared up a little while reading that? Because if not, I'll just blame it on postpartum hormones.



it started to sound a little like "white noise" (the book) for little bit there.


Congratulations on your ten-year anniversary! I'm so happy that you two have each other.

I sometimes did exactly what you did -- think about the worst thing that could happen, so that if it does then I'd have a back-up plan and it wouldn't really hurt so much (since I'd been obsessing about it before). Sometimes I have my defenses up and take things that Ricardo says too much to heart, but those are things that are due to my own issues and nothing to do with him. I'm pretty amazed at his patience with me. There's no one else with whom I'd rather share the journey of that anti-fairytale you mentioned.

Here's to you, Eli, and a life full of love and happiness.

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