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June 22, 2006



your mcdonalds employees get paid $8 bucks an hour?!?! sing me up!


er, I didn't do my research but I assume it's somewhere around there. Maybe I'm wrong. How much do McDonald's employees make in CO?


Dude. I could work as a receptionist for 11$ an hour. But I don't know, even though it's not as much money as I'd expect, it could be cool to tell random strangers at the park that I handle feces and animal heads, just to see them inch away.


Yeah I know, but I think I've already gotten as much as I can out of creeping people out about my work. I've ground up human livers, dissected human cadavers (including cutting the skull open with a cast saw and removing the brain--Eli loved it when I came home and told him to ask me why my clothes were so powdery that day. BONE DUST!), grown tumors in mice and analyzed urine. I once even got to centrifuge my own blood after I donated it and it was still warm.

I'm the grossest chick you've never met.

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