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July 21, 2006



The scary part is I'm totally the type of person who would buy one of your cards.

Strangely enough (or maybe not - we seem to have similar waves in our lives right now), just the other day I was wondering how they hire card writers at Hallmark but I'm so rude I'd probably be too much for even the Shoebox line. So I thought maybe I should invent my own line and call them Smart Ass Sentiments. I could sell them only at Dollar stores for people who refuse to pay $6 for a card that may just get thrown out anyway, and I could make a nice small fortune.


When she had her second hospital stay, Joshua and I sent my MIL a card with a picture of a guy flashing a woman in the grocery store. The caption was "Oh Thank you Sonny, I just remembered I have to buy baby carrots!" or something like that. She thought it was hilarious.
And I would totally buy inappropriate sentimate cards. There used to be a shop in Chicago where you could buy stuff like "Take the L out of LOVER" on the inside "And it's OVER, Baby!"

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