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July 19, 2006



Heh, I think Joey telling any teacher about his father's penis is so going to be interpreted in the wrong way. But I agree with you on the body issue, though -- treat it as just another body part and you probably won't run into all the weird-ass issues that crop up in the more conservative families, where any tiny reference to *gasp* the sexual organs are going to bring the shame of the whole family down on your head.

In regards to the produce issue, I'm kind of more like Eli. I hate when people squeeze fruit so hard they bruise each one, I hate when they throw the veggies/fruits back without much care, and all the rest. I don't know. I'm just very careful with produce. Besides, having all those people bruising and smashing the produce means there's fewer nice ones left for me, so I guess it's a self-serving thing.


See Joey, daddy has a big banana and grapes. He is a produce.

Resident EROCK

Thank you for pointing out one of my favorite pet peeves (intentional irony). Ever get boxed out by a big ol' fatty who hoardes over a particular part of the produce area so that, god forbid, you find that holy piece of fruit before he lays his fetid hands on it.

Kinda reminds me of the milk mommies. You know, the women who search (a la produce pigs) for that special gallon of milk with the latest expiration date. They know that somewhere in there a gallon exists that will not expire until the next millenium... friggin' weirdos.

I like going to the frozen food freezer areas (with the doors that fog up when you open them), then write sexy messages in the fog so that passersby will be tittilated by my droll wit!


Im trying to imagine going for my frozen pizza and seeing SUCK MY CELESTE scrawled in the door fog. That would make my day.


I always think it's great when kids know body parts. I was changing Breanna's diaper and my friend's 3.5-year old daughter was watching. She very seriously said, "I have a vagina too."

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