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July 14, 2006



It reads like a course description from my college chemistry days. I think the job title is probably "Lab Droid", or something equally demeaning. Oh, and not that I would know personally, but I've heard that selling your eggs ain't all it's cracked up to be...apparently it can be really painful.


That is a spectacular display of corpspeak! It sounds like a QC sort of position, with a heavy emphasis on being in charge of whatever computer programs y'all use in your business. And it sounds like a fancy way of saying you'll be responsible for making everyone else comply with a system that might be kicking thier asses. Of and it also looks like they threw every other little thing in there to round it out into a full-time-sounding job. If you find out what they really meant, can you share that?


I got the translation: Preparing solutions. Hahaha. Yeah the description sounds sort of like a QA position (which I definitely do not want--Im the last person anyone wants playing Big Brother)

A friend of mine was hired there a couple of years ago for a management job, and when he showed up on his first day they'd changed his title and job to something completely different. He gave his two-week notice on his very first day. I'm a little surprised because the company behind the games is well-known and very successful. But I guess that's why it's called CORPspeak.

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