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July 09, 2006



I'm so sorry about your aunt. I think I understand part of what you're feeling, as my grandfather died a few years ago and it was just one of those things that hit me like an axe to the chest. We were really close, and when I traveled abroad my aunts and uncles (I have a large family, like you) would tell me how my grandfather would keep talking about me and saying how much he missed me.

I know there's a hole in my heart where my grandfather used to be. Although the hole won't ever be plugged up, it's full of memories of my grandfather, and that's what keeps my heart in one piece.

I don't think things like this ever go away -- at least not completely. In my own experience, the sharp pain will give way to a gentler ache, and with it will come memories to cherish.

Maybe I'm just the world's biggest sap.

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