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August 06, 2006



This may not sit well with some people, but it worked for my sister and it worked for a few acquaintances I know who were biters when they were young:

Bite him back.

I don't mean go crazy or anything -- it's just that sometimes, when the kid finally realizes what it feels like, he won't do it again. It's the same principle as touching a hot pot or getting scratched by a cat if you pull its tail -- you learn not to do those things.

My sister once liked to bite me. The third time it happened, I grabbed her arm and bit her back. She never did it to me (or anyone else) again.


i've heard people give the same advice mallika did. i'm interested to hear what the doctor says. hope this stops sooner rather than later!


As a mother of a former biter I learned when you are bit it is best not to pull away. If you gently push in towards the child’s mouth with the arm being bit, the child will release. Once or twice should actually deter the biting. You are not hurting the child.


I did this, apparently. My parents tried all their usual discipline techniques and when they failed, I was warned that if I did it again I would be spanked. I did it again, and I was. I never bit anyone again. This was one of two times I was spanked (the other for randomly kicking people), and both were done calmly and with warning. Not trying to convince anyone of anything, just saying what worked for my parents.


Okay, I don't have kids. I have dogs. Once upon a time, they liked to put their mouths on me. When we're playing it's important that they keep a "soft mouth". So I taught them thusly: Whenever their teeth touched me, even a little, I'd yell "OUCH!" and pull away and act like it hurt more than anything in the world. Lather, rinse repeat until they didn't want to touch me with their mouths at all anymore. I don't know, maybe scaring the crap out of him by acting like it really hurts (and even leaving the room?) would teach him to stop hurting mamma.

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