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August 26, 2006



I am so selfishly happy that you had a chance to update, because MAN I have missed reading you.

I'm glad things at the job seem to be going well. Teambuiding is fun when it's not dorky shit - we once went to an indoor paintball place, shot the CRAP out of each other, then went to a bar for beer and nachos and it just rocked. I don't know if it built a better team but it was a fun Friday night, that's for sure.

Sometimes I fantasize about getting a full time job so I can make money and also not have to feel guilty about not cleaning up. I would be thrilled about a spotless home and some good food that were all waiting for my arrival!


I'm also selfishly delighted about an update. I've missed reading about your life.

I'm really sorry about the chaotic craziness of the adjustment period at home. Sounds pretty awful for all of you. I hope it settles down soon.

Glad the job seems to be going pretty well!


i have found that it is often best to assume that your partner never "should KNOW THAT ALREADY." and that they basically know nothing at all.


I'm glad you like your new job!

It's not very girl-power of me but I want the exact opposite of what you talked about. I want to stay home and take care of all the cleaning, cooking, etc. I'm sick of going out into the world every damn day. Plus, I like my dogs a whole lot better than I like my job.


I dream of a Househusband. Unfortunately, were I to be the working one, this place would look any better than I have it looking right now. Lucky!

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