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March 30, 2008



So are you gone for good? I'm hoping not, though I'm used to taking extended hiatus's


hi guys and galls, There is a new facebook application released you can view it here:

Basicly you get paid in amazon vouchers for every survey you complete, i have made $50 so far today. The vouchers can be used for anything you like :) Soon you will be getting paid via paypal. ITs simple as that.

Also you can get up to 30% of what your friends earn, So get referring your friends.(note mods my link is not a refer link)

Thats all there is to it , So check out the app and hopefully you can make some money the easy way like i just have today.:D

NCAA 11 Rosters

re: My shoulder hurts and I had to put myself in a time out from my Wii. -- I remembered the moment that I have to do that also because of too much Wii.. When I first played Wii, I am so hyped and excited, then came NCAA Football! I became addicted so there, my shoulder was hurt and the doctor needs I have to rest and stop playing Wii (only for a while, fortunately..)


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