I started writing a website called background noise when I was living in the Midwest and going to college. I was looking for something to do to put off the things I should have been doing like writing papers and lab reports. Fortunately, even with all my procrastinating and slacking off, I graduated with no problem and moved back to the Northeast to try and start a normal life.

I’m not an easily adaptable person, but I refuse to accept this about myself and so I go about living my life by making radical changes and drastic choices and never stopping to think about any of it. Many things have happened over the last few years that have created an enormous amount of stress. Some of the things have been good stressful things, like having a baby and moving across the country and buying a house, and some have been bad stressful things like working for a horrible company for three years and almost losing my life from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. The stress finally started to take its toll after my son was born and I was forced to stop everything and get help.

I'm a biochemist, and after taking a year off to get my head together, I now work full-time as a scientist at a pharmaceutical company. I like my work, but I don't talk much about work here because I enjoy having a job.

I’ve been pregnant twice. The first time it was bad and I almost died in the middle of the night in an emergency room in Nebraska. Two years after that, I got pregnant again and that time it stuck. Pregnancy does not agree with my body, and I was one of the unlucky few who threw up every day for the entirety of my pregnancy. I threw up in the toilet, in my car, and even once in a biohazard suit at work. But it was worth it because I have a beautiful toddler who has his daddy’s temperament and long eyelashes and charms me every day with his curiosity and sweetness.

I’ve been married forever it seems like, though it’s really only been eleven years. We’ve been through so much together and we’ve built a bond I never thought I’d have with another person. He is my family, my memories and the best part of my life. We are complete opposites and I think that’s why this is working. He is laid back, easy-going and gentle while I am high strung and animated and rough. He is the best person I know.

This spot is a continuation of the old website I used to write. My husband is Eli, my son is Joey and I am Jaeme.