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April 14, 2007



i hire a housecleaner and have no kids if that makes you feel any better.


I'm also thinking of hiring a housecleaner, and I work from home with no kids (just a dog), so you'd think I'd manage to find the time to do it myself. No such luck, though, and I figure life's too short to spend it cleaning - I say hire the cleaner :)


I have a housekeeper and I don't have kids and don't even really have a job. Now and then, I feel a bit sheepish and even guilty about the fact that I pay someone to clean my house. You know what though? I've known my housekeeper for six years now and it's a great relationship. She's especially good at nurturing my plants and teaching me different things about them to keep them happy. I appreciate the work she does and she appreciates the income--if I let her go because of guilt she'd be out of a job that is valuable to her on many levels, just as her work is valuable to me.

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